About Me

Hi Beauties! I’m Jasmine and here’s why you should definitely check posts on this blog.

What is this blog about?

This blog is launched in 2020 as a community for anyone who interest in skin care and hair care.

Maybe you:

  • Feel confused about products and ingredients in skincare and haircare.
  • Have no clue because you are new to all the crazy things in skin care.
  • Need a guide or an advice for your routine.
  • Want reviews on products.

Trust me, Beauties! Struggling with bad hair day and breakouts are terrible. It likes a never-ending nightmare. You want that information. However, no matter where you go, there’re always tons of information. And you feel lazy to read. Yet….

Want that healthy hair?

Yearn for that old baby skin?

Or even desire that smooth and shiny skin and hair?

THEN, THIS BLOG IS FOR YOU. I am here to provide the information you needed. Short but useful details for you. I will introduce you to a new world. A world where you can be confident and stunning in front of everyone.

Why did I start blogging?

Simply, I want to help anyone who experiencing something like me.

Ever since I was young, I always like to eat a lot of unhealthy food without worsen my skin and my hair’s conditions. Then, puberty came and destroyed it. Within this period, I’ve been tricked into certain products that promising to benefit my skin and hair. Not only the product did not meet my expectation, it also damaged my skin even more. I immediately started to educate myself as best as I can about skincare and haircare from the popular YouTubers and books. Eventually, my skin and hair have improved over time.

Some of my friends were also been tricked on people who are trying to deceive them into believe the products that they sell. While I was trying to help them, the idea came across my head: Why don’t I created a blog for people who also need information on the cares for skin and hair? As a result, this blog is formed.

If you’re interested, read some of my articles. It will surprise you 😉